Video on demand and media processing

Proximus TV has a very extensive Video on Demand catalogue brimming with both recent and classic movies as well as documentaries, concerts, sports clips/trailers and TV programmes. You can choose from our wide selection any time of the day.

PmH is the TV and media factory of the Proximus TV Video On Demand catalogue. The media handling consists of the video encoding, editing, mastering, subtitling and quality control of several thousand media items per year.

PmH’s operations deliver content for the different convergent Proximus platforms.


Live production

PmH produces more than 700 live sports programmes per year, always in two languages.

In addition to football games and cyclocross races, studio and multi-live programmes are produced by two professional production studios.



Every year PmH produces tonnes of promo clips as well as nearly 100 movie and football programmes and hundreds of reports for its own channels.

In terms of video we also produce corporate videos and social media clips.

For this, the available facilities include 20 post production units, two sound studios and a green key.


Production and playout

PmH manages six full-time channels, from programming to playout: Proximus Pickx, Pickx+ and Proximus Sports. These channels are available in two languages.  In addition to its own channels, PmH also handles the playout of 3 Studio 100 channels that are exclusively available in the Proximus offer.