Who is PmH?

Proximus Media House (PmH) is the new name of Skynet iMotion Activities (SiA) that was created in 2005 with the launch of Proximus TV.

PmH is an entity of the Proximus Group that deals with the creation, production, purchase, and exploitation of audio-visual content. This content is offered on the Proximus content platform and broadcasted on its own channels, which are exclusive to the Proximus TV platform.

Among other things, PmH produces and broadcasts Belgian and international football fixtures. The exploitation and promotion of content in the ‘Video on Demand’ catalogue is also one of the core tasks of this innovative and dynamic subsidiary of the Proximus group.

Meanwhile PmH televises more than 700 live sporting events per year and broadcasts on three linear TV channels (Proximus Pickx Live, Pickx+ and Proximus Sports). The Video on Demand catalogue of more than 2000 movies is also managed by PmH. All this is done in the two official languages.


Proximus Pickx Live

Proximus Pickx Live is the showcase for Proximus’ Sports, Entertainment & Music offer.

Proximus Sports

Proximus 11 and 11+ are the channels that broadcast Proximus’ national and international sports programmes.


Pickx+, a new exclusive channel that will captivate you with its selection of (inter)national films, series and documentaries.