Our endeavours

For ourselves and for partners

  • PMH

    The PMH activities range for (live) productions to quality control to playout. From channel management to content activation on social media. From booking the right editor for the job to finding the right technical support for a very specific live situation. It’s through passion and experience that we deliver, day after day, all year round.

  • Pickx+ sports

    Through a wide range of live and non live productions, Pickx+ Sports bring action on your screen.

  • Pickx+

    Every month again, Pickx+ brews a unique hybrid mix of movies, series and local production that bring you frontrow. It’s the moments that make us.


    Monologue – an 8-episode webseries on the Belgian music scene upcoming stars stars on Each artist tells their own story, in their own words and take us into their universe. The series is exclusively available on Pickx web and app.