Media operations

Media operations

Media Operations are the hands that manage media files for all content passing through PMH: own-edited content products and linear channels, Proximus & Tango VOD Services and clients such as ESN and Studio 100.

Media operations
  • Content reception

    We receive source material from the producing studios: videos, audio tracks, subtitles, … everything needed to create a master file.

  • Catalogue management

    Based on the needs for catalogue exploitation, the TVOD and SVOD items are planned correctly according to their respective licence start dates. This planning ensures that all necessary assets will be ready for linear use.

  • Content management

    After all the necessary material from studios, distribution houses, production houses etc are received, PMH ensures that the content metadata such as synopsis, poster and age rating are included at the customer level.

  • Subtitling

    PMH creates subtitles not only for our own edited content, but also standardizes subtitles for all managed content handled.

  • Master creation

    The Media Operations team creates a RTB (Ready to Broadcast) asset for linear TV and non-linear use.

Media operations
  • Quality check

    The Media Operations teams also checks the quality of all assets to assure flawless use of these in all circumstances.

  • Transcoding

    Different versions of a file are made to make each asset available to all customers, everywhere (creation of version for each device: STB, OTT…) and for use by third parties.

Media operations
  • Content publication

    Files are published and made available to the end customer on the designated platforms and catalogues, for linear and/or non-linear use.

  • Archiving

    All assets that pass through PMH are archived and can be easily retrieved.

  • Live support

    Media operators provide support during live events.